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Trademark Law


A trademark protects any design, logo, mark, sound, color, or even smell that serves to distinguish your goods from those of your competitors.  These marks help your valued customers recognize that a particular product on the shelf is made or endorsed by your company.  For example, when you purchase a hamburger from your favorite fast-food company, you know that it will have a particular taste, regardless of which particular store you buy it from.  Similarly, a customer who purchases a product with you mark knows they will be receiving a high-quality product. 


However, some unscrupulous competitors make marks that confuse consumers into purchasing their products under the mistaken assumption that your company is associated with them.  In these instances, having a registered trademark ensures that your business can quickly move to get these products off the market.  This limits any damage to your business' sales and reputation.


If you are interested in registering a trademark, or you belive someone is infringing on your trademark, please contact us for a consultation.



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