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Practice Areas

Salerno & Sanford is a full service law firm that would be happy to help you in any of the following areas of legal practice.
Business Law


Salerno & Sanford is happy to help you with any of the issues faced by your business.  This includes helping you file your business formation documents with the state, drafting complete and comprehensive bylaws and operating agreememts, drafting clean concise contracts, or selling and winding down an existing company.



Tax Law

The tax code is rapidly evolving, and your business needs to be evolving with it.  Salerno & Sanford provides professional guidance so that your business minimizes its tax liability while maintaining compliance with current tax laws.


Estate Planning


Salerno and Sanford creates complete and comprehensive estate plans to protect your family when the unexpected happens.  We will prepare whatever mix of wills, trusts, health care directives, and powers of attorney that will protect you best.



Patent Law

​Intellectual property is a growing concern for businesses and innovators all over the world.  Salerno & Sanford can help you protect your most important technological assets from being stolen by competitors.  If you believe your patent has already been infringed, we can help you enforce your rights.


Trademark Law

Your work hard to provide an excellent product and generate good will with your customers. Your customers recognize that hard work by selecting your products over that of your competitor.  The main way customers recognize your products is through your name or logo.  Let us help you protect that name or logo from being used by others.

Copyright Law

The increased communication of the digital age has vastly altered the range of businesses that are impacted by copyright law.  What images are used on the website or what videos are used in presentations may have significant implications for your business. 

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