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Patent Law



Technology and innovation dominate the commercial market in the new digital age.  Accordingly, businesses of all sizes are securing their technological advances by filing new patents and enforcing their active patents.  This is especially true for startup tech companies where intellectual property rights may be the main asset of the business.  Regardless of whether you are looking to acquire a new patent, enforce your current patent rights, or defend yourself from patent claims by a third-party, we can help you.


Patent Acquisition

Patent Eligibility Searches


The first step in acquiring a patent is to perform a thorough patent eligibility search. This search will determine whether your new idea is eligible to be patented, and whether any prior art exists that would conflict with your obtaining a patent.

Patent Filings

Once your patent has been cleared as eligible, filing a utility or design patent to protect your invention ensures that competitors will have to either design around your work or get a license from you.

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